Who is The Opium?

We are the newest and most innovative serviced apartment in the heart of Chiang Mai. With the experience in an accommodation sector for more than 3 decades, we understand that safety and convenience are the main concerns of our precious guests.

Therefore, the apartment is created in the mission of making sure that our valuable guests will fully achieve these demands in a peaceful and friendly environment with a full range of amenities and services.

Why The Opium?

As mentioned above, The Opium offers safety and convenience. Not only do we provide these necessities, we are also centred in a distinguished local and present an affordable price for our guests.
We believe that these necessities are sufficient to meet the demands of those who are seeking for a long-stay residence in Chiang Mai.


Where is The Opium?

The Opium resides in a safe area right in the heart of Thailand's northern, cultural capital – Chiang Mai. Here, guests can gain easy access to most of Chiang Mai's spectacular attractions. To further emphasise The Opium's "prodigious" location, we have illustrated, to you, the following facts:
-3 minutes to the market.
-3 minutes to the University.
-7 minutes to Chiang Mai's main shopping mall.
-10 minutes to the airport.
-10 minutes to the main bus station.

Our Inspiration

Having visited over 30 countries and 350 destinations, the owner has integrated his own passion for travel into establishing "The Opium." Understanding foreigners' desires – whether it be in hospitality, shelter, or cordiality – when travelling overseas, we are able to wholly satisfy their expectations. And that's why we want to create a residence that can perfectly constitute to travelistas', like us, needs.


With a location in the Northern part of Thailand, most accommodations in Chiang Mai come in the theme of "Lanna Style". This sounds mundane; so let's get animated! To be precise, a vast range of cultural diversity can be found in this part of the country, where races of people – local northern Thais, Burmese, Laotians, Chinese, Chinese-Thai, etc. – are countless. However, the kinsfolk that intrigue our minds most are the "hill tribes." To bewitch our guests' consciousness into the spotlight, we have decided to characterise our accommodation with the theme, "Modern Hill Tribes". Simultaneously, you will still be bestowed with a comfortable, convenient, and safe environment.

A bit of a narrative

As you know, the theme of our apartment is "Modern Hill Tribes;" the question is what captivates your mind when you think of hill tribes – their clothing, shelter, or unique patterns of garments? For us, "Opium" makes the scene!! Opium may be unfavourable in the eyes of others; however, opium is, in fact, beneficial.

Opium acts as the main ingredient in medical products such as morphine, one of the greatest pain healers and tranquillity providers in the world of medicine. So we would like to apply this concept as a metaphor to compare our safe and comfortable residence to morphine, assuring that anyone who gets a sheer glimpse of our place would be enthralled by our services and enjoy the memorable experience at "The Opium."